Hello, my name Is Animeh Roy

I am a Security Consultant

I am experienced in Delivering Training on Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing. I'm also working as a Freelancer cybersecurity Consultant.


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> Perform Vulnerability Scans Using Qualys Guard,IBM App Scan, OWASP ZAP.
> Validate and Remove False Positives



>Vulnerability Assessment 
> Rapid7 Insight VM
> OTX endpoint 

Security Trainings

Cyber Security,  EH, Cloud

I'm having experience in delivery training to Corporate, Policy, Army, colleges and open community.


About me

Cyber Security Consultant

Animesh Roy is an Application Security Researcher and Penetration Tester having more than 6 years of industrial experience with good knowledge in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on various domains like Web Applications, Mobile Applications, APIs, and Networks. He has spoken in multiple conferences, workshops and chapter meet on various topics like Metasploit, Bypassing WAF, Securing your Organisation, Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing etc. covering more than 500 members. 

I am available for freelance projects. Contact me if you want to work with me. 


My story So Far

Jan 2020

Current Time

Nowadays, I am offering to companies a range of services. We help them secure their resources. If you want to test your security, and employee awareness. feel free to connect.

Oct 2018

TSPA, CyberCrime 

I got opportunity to talk to Police People, get to know how they're working with cyber crime cases, cleared doubts, confusions. and demonstrate few Hacking act to show how 'hackers' actually hack things.

Dec 2018

Internship Program for IITM

IITM Janakpuri, Delhi. I got opportunity to share my knowledge on Cloud Computing and how to secure them. we had a great time learning things and experienced new technology that soon going to change the way we store our data. 

16 Aug 2016

First Ever Talk to #SillyCon

The day I opened up and present a talk on web application vulnerability, a Demonstration how internet is helping young generation to learn things quickly. and the end result if we can't control or guide them, the can do illegal this so easily.


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